TK B&D is a general construction company, which works in the whole East Cape area. It offers all kinds of construction services and solutions to build the home of your dreams while you keep your investment safe.

Luis Morales AKA TK by his friends and family is a local young man from the community of Agua de la Costa, who started working in the construction area since he was a child by helping his father, who is a builder as well, every day after school.

When he was just a teenager, he was already working full-time until he decided to start his own company, TK Builders and Design, a continuously growing company thanks to the experience that Luis has gained during his life. 

As it is expected, Luis, who is not that young anymore, strongly believes in young talent, this is why his right hand is a local young man from the East Cape as well,  the Architect Valdemar de La Penia. A few years ago, when he joined the team he was a new graduated.

Valdemar brings all of his creativity and best designs to the team, and together they offer a high-quality and professional service, satisfying customers for over 5 years.

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